Youth graduate from The Molina Center as owners of mission-driven companies solving a specific social, health or environmental problem.

The company takes its owners and their descendents from chronic poverty to sustained adult prosperity, while working to ensure a healthy world and society.

It's a one-time private sector investment that pays dividends for generations. 

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Because sandboxes are for children.

Youth are professionally mentored to develop viable solutions to real-world problems. They start a real business, working with industry experts and investors who have skin in their game.

In short, our youth are given respect as insightful, passionate and hard-working adults who will make outstanding contributions when given outstanding tools and support

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Counterproductive habits and thought patterns along with outdated knowledge are at the root of many personal, relationship and business failures.

Therefore we deliver a comprehensive life skills curriculum, support to complete a secondary school education, and an immersive environment hosting a range of community-based educational workshops and events.

The Molina Center is where young adults are able to plug in to the world, figure out what exists, what's possible and where they want to belong

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About Us

The Molina Center is working with a range of regional and national partners to  build a new model for transitioning at-risk youth from a  threatening present to a valued and productive adult life - fully prepared to embrace the unique and urgent challenges of the 21st century.

admin-building-april.jpgLocated in Western Colorado, on a 42 acre property on the flank of the scenic Grand Mesa, we are in the process of developing a range of long-term transitional residential programs for at-risk youth, plus an active outreach for the general public with a boutique, farm-to-table vegan mini-restaurant, conference & training rooms, workshops on sustainability and health, community gardens, food forest and more. 

There's more to us than we can possibly cover in just one web page, start here to find out more about our history, people involved, programs, concepts and future roadmap.