Current activities at The Molina Center


The Lodge under construction - August 2019

Hemp field

Perspective view of completed Lodge

Concrete slab poured 9/13/19

ICF wall pour 9/24/19

Framing progress 10/3/19

Hemp drying 10/7/19

Hemp harvesting

                                     Hemp as a Cash Crop at The Molina Center

     The Molina Center, as part of its program to become financially self-sustaining, began growing hemp as a cash crop with 2019 the second year of this undertaking. TMC's first 1/4 acre crop in 2018 was pleasantly profitable and planting was inceased to 2 acres for the current year. The project is organized and coordinated by Board member Tammy, husband Chad and sons Adrian and Robert.

         Industrial hemp is a legally marketable agricultural commodity that has been approved for farming by the State of Colorado. Growers must go through state review and licensing as well as rigorous compliance inspection and testing protocols. If plant THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound that gives the "high" sensation) exceeds 0.3%, the crop cannot be sold as hemp and must be destroyed. TMC's plants test at 0.09%, well below the maximum allowed.

         Hemp is a source of CBD (cannabidiol) which is sold for the manufacture of products that have therapeutic qualities. It works well and has positive feedback for ailments such as chronic pain, seizures, digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, and depression, among others.

         TMC's hemp is grown organically and thus garners a higher price in the market place. Following this practice means the crop is labor intensive, as is the case for virtually all organic fruits, vegetables and grains. TMC staff is gaining experience in the organic and cultural practices required for growing hemp and shares this with those interested as part of its mission.

Roofing & sidewalks completed 10/22/19        Solar panels installed

Completed Lodge 5/17/20

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