Planned giving


Whether through an outright gift or a planned gift The Molina Center (TMC) and its programs are supported through the generosity and committment of donors and concerned like yourself.

A planned gift to TMC helps carry out its mission of providing critical education concerning the plight of the Earth and her ecosystems in these trying times.

What are planned gifts? Planned gifts might generally be described as thoughful gifts of assets, oftentimes over and above what might be donated on a monthly or regular basis. Such gifts often include significant tax-planning and tax-saving opportunites and may necessitate the coordination of your legal and tax advisors.

Planned gifts traditionally encompass several major strategies:

   )  Appreciated assets

   )  Bequests (via Wills)

   )  Life insurance

   )  Charitable trusts

   )  Retirement assets

   )  Life estates

If interestd in any of these gifting strategies, please call Carl Vostatek, President, at

970-434-5665 or email

Appreciated assets


Over time, many assets grow in value. Stocks, bonds, real estate, and other property may have appreciated well beyond their original purchase prices. However, the sale of such assets may trigger expensive capital gains taxes. One solution is to give all or part of such assets to TMC. By doing so,a tax-deduction can be enjoyed for the full fair market value of the item donated and avoid paying associated capital gains tax.


Bequests (via wills)


Remembering TMC in a will is an attractive option for many donors. Such a gift is accomplished by making a charitable bequest. In general, a bequest is a written statement in a will which directs that a gift be made to TMC upon the death of the person who establised the will (the testator). In order to properly include a bequest to TMC, it is important to obtain specific legal wording.  


An example: "I give and devise cash or assets with a value of $_________ or ___________per cent of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate to The Molina Center, PO Box 127, Molina, CO 81646." 


Life insurance


Naming TMC as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or the outright gifting of a paid -up life insurance policy presents an attractive gifting opportunity for some. In order to accomplish such a gift, certain forms must be completed and accepted by the donor's life insurance company.


Charitable trusts


Charitable trusts provide various opportunities to donors: 1) making a gift to TMC while receiving an income payment for a term of years or the remainder of the donor's life (remainder trusts of gift annuities); or 2) making a gift of investment income to TMC for a term of years while returning the original investments at the end of the term to either the donor or beneficiaries designated by the donor (lead trusts). While charitable trusts can be complex, there may be significant tax-planning and tax-saving opprtunities with such arrangements.


Retirement assets


Sometimes donors find they have excess funds secured for their retirement. In such a case, a gift to TMC of assets in a retirement account (401k, 403b, IRA, etc.) may be a desirable way to go. Due to intricacies surrounding the tax treatment of this type of gift, it is very important to cooridinate both with a tax advisor and TMC.


Life Estates


Occasionally, donors find that their main asset is their home or farm, yet they would like to make a gift to TMC. This presents an opportunity to make a donation through a life estate gift. With a life estate gift, a person is able to make a gift to TMC of a home or farm, yet continue to reside there and enjoy their property during their lifetime. An attorney is required to draw up the required legal documentation.  


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