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The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”

Programs & Services (temporarily postponed due to pandemic)

Program Overview

The Molina Center (TMC) offers conferences, workshops, retreats and classes focused on sustainability, ecological awareness, self-sufficiency and self-improvement. Program topics can be as varied as organic farming, passive solar design and construction, healthy cooking, alternative energy sources, and yoga. TMC is developing collaborative partnerships with local, Colorado and national agencies that strengthen and increase the scope and effectiveness of its programs and services.  




Room and board are provided by TMC for conference attendees and its residents. Accommodation includes a private room, private bathroom, common areas, laundry, and meals served in its Ambrosia dining hall. A Kitchen is also available in the Lodge if attendees prefer to prepare their own meals. Each resident also has accessibility to the 40 acre grounds on which to hike, explore, help in the garden and operations, or partake of other outdoor activities.


Practice of Sustainability

The Molina Center enfuses the awareness, concepts, and practice of environmental and ecological sustainability into its programs and daily living and learning at its facility. The  hope is that examples conference attendees and residents are exposed to at TMC will become a part of their life style once they have departed to rejoin their everyday lives.  



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