"A Sustainability Education Center offering working examples and education

pertaining to sustainability, self-sufficiency, organic farming, energy efficiency and related principles..."

                                                               .....the essence of The Molina Center


   Administration Center

After a drive through the beautiful Rocky Mountains, just east of Grand Junction, Colorado is found an area off-the-beaten-path called the Plateau Valley.  


In this valley, the reward of a scenic 35 mile journey from Grand Junction through Mesa County wine and fruit country via winding, sandstone canyons nestled in the foothills of majestic Grand Mesa, is...."The Molina Center".  


The Molina Center offers a peaceful place to live, learn, and blossom with a renewed awareness dedicated to preserving Mother Earth in a caring, environmentally conscious setting.   


Come learn at The Molina Center.  



The Molina Center map


The Molina Center is located 35 miles east of

Grand Junction, Colorado, via I-70 and CO Hwy 65.  

A 2020 Message from the president

        Current events and trying times worldwide suggest an eventuality many may begin to consider: the need to peacefully and cooperatively work together in sharing efforts to overcome hardships so individuals and community may survive, flourish, and be of benefit to their fellow man. One outcome of the coronavirus pandemic may be for people to look into joining and living together in mutual endeavor .... before matters get worse.

      Prior to the onset of the pandemic, The Molina Center (TMC) focused on developing the capability to become a Sustainability Education Center. This was accomplished by having folks live and work on the land (hemp as a cash crop) and building a lodging facility for future workshop and conference attendees, which complemented the pre-existing Administration Center and Beehive (staff housing). The new Lodge, completed in March 2020 (see its construction in Currently), can sleep 12-15 persons. Thus, accomodating attendees is the intended purpose  of the building. But holding events has been curtailed indefinitely and will commence when conditions allow. As the pandemic and its consequences continue to unfold, the Lodge and TMC may well serve an additional purpose.

       The Lodge could become housing for an envisioned community of like-minded individuals. Residents could be involved in the sustainability education activities and assist in the eventual goal of financial self-sufficiency. If people were interested in working in a cooperative, community effort and had personal finances available to rent a dwelling unit, TMC could house residents concurrently with ongoing events.

          If anyone is interested in learning more about and participating in the TMC endeavor and possibly living and working on the land, please contact us.

       If considering such, at this point we should mention a few important aspects of the TMC philosophy and principles. An essential element of our sustainability program is advocating and practicing a plant-based, vegan lifestyle. Those wishing to join would, of necessity, have to be of similar practice. Being pacifistic is essential to us. Not partaking of tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs is also critical. The same for not having firearms on the property. Finally, it is essential that potential residents be willing and able to do physical work and participate in the tasks of operating and maintaining a cooperative living project.

Peace and goodwill to all,

Carl Vostatek, president

970-434-5665     cvostatek@yahoo.com



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