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"Friday Nights at TMC"

Come treat yourselves to a unique dining experience and enchanting night's stay

At the beautiful Molina Center [TMC].

We offer for your enjoyment a gourmet vegan meal and lodging to "get away from it all"

For an evening of relaxation and something different!

* A full course Vegan Dinner and night in a private suite immersed in the beauty of the land,

A pastoral, rural setting

Make a campfire! Walk the labyrinth! Hike our hillside! Visit our medicine wheel! *

* The Molina Center: 52254 KE Road, Molina, Co.

A 45-minute drive through picturesque Plateau Canyon from Grand Junction. *

* Once a month around the full moon OR upon request. *

* Our first scheduled Friday Night Event is November 11, 2022. *

* $150 per couple or $125 per individual all-inclusive *

For reservations contact; TMC 970-260-5548

Leon Bowsky: Event Manager: 970-260-9923


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