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2020 Letter from the President

Current events and trying times worldwide suggest the need to cooperatively work together in sharing efforts to overcome hardships so individuals and community may survive, flourish, and be of benefit to their fellow man.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, The Molina Center (TMC) focused on developing the capability to become a Sustainability Education Center. This was accomplished by having folks live and work on the land (hemp as a cash crop) and building a lodging facility for future workshop and conference attendees, which complemented the pre-existing Administration Center and Beehive (staff housing). The new Lodge, completed in March 2020 (see its construction in Sustainability, can sleep 12-15 persons. holding events has been curtailed indefinitely and will re-commence when conditions allow. After the pandemic subsides and its consequences have dissipated, the Lodge and TMC are well-positioned as parts of a multi-faceted venue to serve the local, regional and national community as an event and retreat center.

Carl Vostatek, President

The Molina Center

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